Our Impact

Greater Good on a Global Scale

As health care continues to evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to create a better future. Combining our centuries of experience with our forward-facing mindset, we challenge ourselves daily to help strengthen the vitality of every individual and every community around the world.

Improving Health and Vitality

Vitality is the energy and strength to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. The impact of vitality is thriving people, companies, and communities. We’re all in on the resources and data to fuel vitality across every stage of life. From groundbreaking health equity studies to partnering with leading experts, the right resources make important progress.

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Accelerating Health Care Innovations

We work closely with entrepreneurs who share our passion to challenge what’s possible. Through The Cigna Group Ventures, we offer a combination of capital, expertise, and partnership to grow promising opportunities into powerful new health care solutions. We’re proud of the impact our portfolio companies have made, and always have our eye toward future innovation.

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Building a Sustainable Future

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy is forging a responsible, accessible, and equitable path forward. Everything we do is driven by four key pillars: Healthy Society, Healthy Workforce, Healthy Environment, and Healthy Company. Our annual ESG report highlights the successful programs and partnerships that are making progress towards those goals.

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Supporting Our Communities

We’re committed to breaking down barriers across Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), a variety of factors that include access to health care, socioeconomic status, and social support networks. The Cigna Group Foundation provides millions of dollars in grants to impactful nonprofits around the world and employees channel their passion for service through volunteer projects.

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At The Cigna Group, we bring together our leading capabilities, deep clinical expertise, and the unmatched dedication of our co-workers across Evernorth Health Services and Cigna Healthcare to take on the world’s greatest health challenges, supporting effective care delivered one patient at a time, improving equitable access to care, and strengthening our communities.David Cordani Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Cigna Group℠

How The Cigna Group Supports the LGBTQ+ Community

The Cigna Group actively supports the LGBTQ+ community by striving to provide understanding, acceptance, and resources.
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How The Cigna Group Supports the African American and Black Community

The Cigna Group has launched a number of initiatives to combat the striking differences in health outcomes Black and African American people experience as compared with their white counterparts.

How The Cigna Group Supports Disability Inclusion

We hire, serve, and enable people of all abilities, and ensure their unique values and strengths are leveraged in support of the business on behalf of our employees, customers, and patients.

How The Cigna Group Supports the Hispanic Community

We've created programs to foster a more inclusive workplace for our Hispanic coworkers and ensure we're making a positive impact on Hispanics living in the communities that we serve.

How The Cigna Group Supports the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

The Cigna Group continually strives to understand and respect the individual needs of our Asian American and Pacific Islander customers and is committed to advancing their health and well-being.

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Big things are happening at The Cigna Group, from innovation to partnerships to research.

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